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ACROBiosystems is an international leader in recombinant protein industry, specialized in producing high quality biomarkers for drug discovery. The latest focus of ACROBiosystems is the emerging field of cancer immunotherapy. The company has developed an exclusive immune checkpoint product line that includes all known checkpoint proteins of humans and commonly used experimental animal species. All [...]
October 12, 2015 News & Eventi

Funakoshi Co., Ltd.

It is with great satisfaction that Valter Occhiena S.r.l. announce its new distribution agreement for the Italian territory with Funakoshi Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan). Funakoshi has contributed as a leader to distribute research reagents and instruments for researchers in the life science fields since its foundation. The corporate mission is to provide products to broad [...]
October 2, 2015 News & Eventi

Bio-Byblos Biomedical Co., Ltd.

Bio-Byblos Biomedical Co. (also known as BBBMD) is a Taiwan-based biomedical company venturing new technology in biomedical science and technology. Fully understood the current needs in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, they are actively looking for new alternative of culturing cells in three dimensional matrix to recapitulate cellular physiological microenvironments in vitro. Among various abundantly [...]
September 24, 2015 News & Eventi


DENDRITICS, innovative tools around dendritics cells, was started in 2005 by former members of Schering Plough Laboratory for Immunological Research (LIR) in Dardilly, France. In the first years they supplied a large collection of monoclonal antibodies, most of them directly resulted from their participation in gene discovery programs and functional studies they had developed at [...]
September 16, 2015 News & Eventi

ABclonal Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Valter Occhiena is pleased to present Abclonal Biotech Co. to the Italian market. ABclonal is specialized in the large-scale production of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against human targets from across the genome. It self-produces a range of rabbit polyclonal antibodies including hot areas such as Neuroscience, Epigenetics and Apoptosis. Phosphor-specific antibodies and all primary antibodies [...]
September 8, 2015 News & Eventi

Flow Cytometry Tutorials

June 18, 2015 ► Flow Cytometry Tutorials: "The clinical impact of diagnostic technologies". Edited by GPMI. University of Torino (Italy). FULL READ

Hematology Conference

June 5, 2015 ► Hematology Conference: "PNH – Chronic Lymphoproliferative Syndromes – Myeloma: clinical and diagnostical aspects. Edited by SIPMeL. San Martino Hospital, Oristano (Italy). FULL READ

Course of Flow Cytometry

June 4, 2015 ► Course of Flow Cytometry. Edited by SIPMeL. San Martino Hospital, Oristano (Italy). FULL READ

CQLinf’s Course

January 28, 2015 ► CQLinf's Course: "Quality external audits and news about Flow Cytometry". Umberto I Hospital, Torino (Italy). The history of our company is deeply united to the Polycentric Study Group of Immunological Markers (GPMI), born in the late 80s, who, beginning from the Leukocyte Immunophenotyping Protocols' draft, has contributed to the development of [...]
January 28, 2015 News & Eventi
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