Bio-Byblos Biomedical Co. (also known as BBBMD) is a Taiwan-based biomedical company venturing new technology in biomedical science and technology.

Fully understood the current needs in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, they are actively looking for new alternative of culturing cells in three dimensional matrix to recapitulate cellular physiological microenvironments in vitro. Among various abundantly available materials, they are keen to propose hydroxypropyl cellulose as  basic material as synthetic 3D cell culture hydrogel sponge.

Being non-animal origin material, the sponge chemical properties are more strictly controlled in tally with the intention to use less animal testing. In return, they hope in becoming part of world manufacturers of 3D synthetic cell culture matrix.

BBBMD has understood the current trends in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine In order to protect the animals, they are actively looking for alternative and hopefully to make a contribution to the world. Hence, they have come out with the solution to provide product that can culture organ-like, and save the animals, so that the world will have a better future.

In BBBMD people believe that in the next 20 years all cell cultures will be in 3D with the designer scaffolds, and most textbooks about cell biology will have to be revised when people obtain results from 3D cell culture studies.

Nowadays, conducting cell culture under 3D is getting more important.